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Client Feedback

Jenna Digital Consultancy Instagram (3).

Over a period of 4 months, Jenna managed the SCB Digital Marketing social media channels as part of her Digital Mums training. From the outset, Jenna worked really hard, developing a clear social media strategy and creating content that was aligned to my target audience across Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Jenna delivered a constant flow of social posts, monitored engagement levels and success across the platform. As part of the delivery, Jenna sourced appropriate curated content and created posts and creative assets to go alongside each post. Thanks to Jenna's hard work, the SCB Digital channels have had consistent content and have grown in followers and expanded reach among relevant audiences.

Sarah Badcock

SCB Digital

Jenna has recently helped me build a strategy for the launch of my new business, Dot Dot Kids As a frequent user of Instagram & Facebook I didn’t think there was much I didn’t know about.... but in our sessions, she has guided me through the world of social media looking through a business lens - first building out customer profiles, which social channels to target, the type of content that works and so much more. I have learnt a huge amount and through her expertise many tips, tricks and tools I can use to make my life easier too! Would absolutely recommend it - I have seen my following on Instagram grow quickly, with the audience becoming more engaged and I put this down to the strategy Jenna put in place... Thank you!


Kate Bevan

Dot Dot Kidswear

Jenna Digital Consultancy Instagram (9).

My Power Hour with Jenna was very insightful and carefully thought out. Jenna had a thorough understanding of my brand and went out of her way to help and guide me through each section of her presentation. Jenna was patient and knowledgeable and I thoroughly enjoyed the session! I have come away with clear next steps and goals for the future.

Daisy Harvey


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